What are Cloud Services?

A cloud service is any service made available to users on demand via the internet. The services are provided from a cloud based computer servers hosted by a service provider as opposed to being provided from a company's own on-premises servers.

A cloud based service can dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users, and because the service provider supplies the hardware and software necessary for the service, there’s no need for a company to provision or deploy their own resources or allocate IT staff to manage the service. Examples of cloud services include online data storage and backup solutions, Web-based e-mail services, hosted office suites and document collaboration services, database processing, managed technical support services and much much more.

An example of Cloud Based Solutions that we offer:

  • Office 365.
  • Storage Solutions.
  • Hosted Exchange / email services
  • Cloud based servers / clusters
  • Hosted Applications.

Why Tech Guardians?

Tech Guardians provide a wide range of cloud based solutions to help support your information and IT requirements. As a leading managed IT service provider in the Knoxville area, we utilizes the latest technology to help your project succeed, providing you with all the advantages of an in-house IT service and support team while sparing you the trouble and cost associated with managing your own IT solutions. Our devoted team of computer engineers, technicians and support specialists can monitor your networks and computer infrastructure, addressing needs both when they arise and proactively before they occur.

Featured Offerings

In addition to the featured solutions listed below, Tech Guardians offer a wide range of both personal and business centric solutions


Consulting Services

Professional Consulting Services at cost you can afford.

Support Services

In-house and remote product offerings to fit your needs.

Application Hosting

A full line of hosted applications and cloud based services.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection and Guaranteed 99.9% uptime