What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is one that provides its home owners comfort, security, energy efficiency (low operating costs) and convenience even when no one is home. Simply stated, smart home technology helps to make your life better!

" Smart Home" is the term commonly used to define a residence that has some combination of appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, security, and camera systems that are capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled remotely by a central system, from any room in the home, as well as remotely from any location in the world by phone or internet.

Installation of smart products give the home and its occupants various benefits — the same benefits that technology and personal computing have brought to us over the past few decades — convenience and the savings of time, money and energy.

Most homes do not have these appliances and systems built into them, therefore the most common and affordable approach is for the home owner to retrofit smart products into their own finished home.

Smart Homes can do things like:

  • Let you know when your kids are home.
  • Turn the lights on and off when your away.
  • Lock up and adjust the thermostat when everyone leaves.
  • Start setting the stage for bedtime.
  • Get your home ready for you when someone wakes up.

Why Tech Guardians?

We provide a wide range of support and installation services for your home. As the leading managed IT service provider in the Knoxville area, Tech Guardians utilizes the latest technology to help your project succeed, providing you with all the advantages of an in-house IT service and support team while sparing you the trouble and cost associated with managing your own IT. Our devoted team of computer engineers, technicians and support specialists can monitor your networks and computer infrastructure , addressing needs when they arise and proactively .

Let Tech Guardians turn your home into a smart home.

We start with the brain of your smart home, a centralized hub that Connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and make them all work together. With a smart hub, you can monitor and control connected devices in your home using a single app available for both OSx or Android. You can even receive alerts from connected devices when there’s unexpected activity in your home and automate connected devices and set them to turn on or off when doors are opened or closed, as people come and go, and much more.

Manage connected devices in your home with routines for Good Morning, Goodbye, Good Night, and much more. Control connected devices in your home with voice commands using SmartThings and Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Services Includes:

  1. Set up and configure smart hub
  2. Connect your smart home devices to your smart hub
  3. Install and connect any associated mobile application
  4. Demonstrate smart hub functionality
  5. Set up and configure your smart device
  6. Connect the smart device to a mobile application or smart hub
  7. Demonstrate proper smart device functionality

With affordable prices and quality service and support; why not start today! Give us a call and lets get started making your home a Smart Home.

Why Tech Guardians

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