What is Technology Assistance?

Need help setting up a new electronic gadget, having computer issues, or getting that TV up on the wall? Don't get frustrated, keep your blood pressure down and your tools put away; Tech guardians are here to help. We can get your TV mounted, give your home theater the upgrade it deserves, get that computer running smoothly or simply help you to know how it all operates!

Some of our most popular services includes:

  • Installation / training on home entertainment systems
  • Wireless and/or Router installation
  • Cable installations
  • Computer Setup / Support Services
  • Configure any peripherals devices
  • TV mounting and setup
  • Training and support for most any device or electronic

We Can Help Make It Simple.

Some technology can be complicated or a little hard to understand. If you’re having trouble, or just don't want to tackle it yourself, Tech Guardians is here to help. Get started today by sending us an email or simply giving our service and support team a call. Tech Guardians offer fast, reliable services at a price that want leave you filling ripped off. Were here to help!

Additional Features

Technology should be simple and easy but generally falls far short of that simplicity. That's why Tech Guardians ensures that our technicians speak english to our customers, and leave the binary to the computer.

Local Support

support professionals that you know ane trust

Application Training

hundreds of applications, including office, photo and printing applications


Support Services

In-house and remote product offerings to fit your needs.


From cabling to installation services we have you covered.